The wood resource

Wood supply

  • Maritime Pine supply

Our production sites at Sauzé–Vaussais, and more particularly Solférino, are ideally located near to, and in the heart of, the Landes forest. The Landes de Gascogne forest is the largest in France, stretching over 1,800,000 hectares and 90 millions m3 of standing wood. Maritime Pine (Pinus Pinaster), is the most common wood specie in the forest, accounting for two thirds of the tree stock. The maritime pine stock is managed in cycles of around fifty years. The raw materials used in our factories to produce Maritime Pine plywood are entirely sourced from the surrounding forest.

LOGIFOR corporation

LOGIFOR, a subsidiary of the THEBAULT and ARCHIMBAUD groups, is in charge of part of the two groups’ supplies of Maritime Pine according to demanding specifications, setting environmental and quality criteria, including the indispensable certification PEFC™.

  • Poplar supply

Poplar as a wood specie is closely linked to the history and the foundation of the THEBAULT Group , established since beginning at the heart of the Marais Poitevin, with its extensive poplar woodlands. The processed poplar logs originate from local regional plantations, some of which are owned by the THEBAULT Group. They are peeled at the Sauzé-Vaussais and Marigny-le-Châtel plants.

Bois Déroulés de Champagne corporation

Established in our majority-owned partnership with the company DROUIN, Bois Déroulés de Champagne is a subsidiary of the THEBAULT Group specializing in the peeling of Poplar. Located in Marigny-le-Châtel, it benefits from a strategic location at the heart of the forests of the Grand Est.

  • Okoum and west african species supply

By locating a peeling factory in Gabon in 1999, the THEBAULT group made a major change in securing strategically necessary volumes of round wood for our business. This step forward contributed to achieve a greater control over the Okoumé supply chain for our factories and ensuring full traceability of our tropical wood resources. With 130 million m3 of standing tree stock, Okoumé accounts for a quarter of Gabon’s forestry resources, a total of 22 million hectares (220 000 km²). Aucoumea klaineana is a tall tree, which can grow up to 50m in height, with a diameter of 2m. Okoumé is ideally suited for peeling, giving a uniform pink-red colour. The Okoumé specie is spread over the majority of Gabon.


THEBAULT TRANSBOIS SA, our subsidiary specializing in rotary cutting, has been established for over 20 years now in Owendo, in the north-west of the Republic of Gabon. This subsidiary is the sole Okoumé veneer supplier of our Magné plywood production site (79).

All woods purchased by THEBAULT TRANSBOIS SA and logged in Gabon come from companies with Sustainable Development Forestry Licence (CFAD), an operating license awarded by the Gabonese Ministry for Water and Forest Resources, subject to paying surface area and felling taxes Shipping documents checked and signed by agents of the Ministry for Water and Forest Resources allow us to guarantee the legal sourcing of our woods.

Timber harverseting encouraged forest preservation

Forest preservation necessarily involves felling of trees which have reached maturity, thus encouraging the replenishment of the forest’s tree stock.   The THEBAULT Group has long been involved in (re)planting actions with associations or collective actions.

  • Plantons pour l’avenir (Plant for the future)

At the initiative of forestry cooperatives and manufacturers, the “Plant for the Future” endowment fund promotes reforestation, environmental education and research programmes. It aims at responding to the present and future challenges of the French forests and the wood derived industries.

  • “Merci le Peuplier” Charter

As a signatory of the “Merci le Peuplier” charter, the THEBAULT Group financially contributes to the replantation Peuplier groves in order to spread awareness and support the poplar growers to meet the challenges of reforestation in the areas concerned.

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