• Technical and regulatory qualifications

Plywood is used for its superior technical characteristics that fulfil the most demanding requirements in terms of technical specifications and normative regulations.

The characteristics of the plywood products manufactured by the THEBAULT Group, included in the TeboPly, TeboPin and TeboPlus assortment, are generally specified in relation to the wood species used and the grades selected for the type of application considered.

By selecting a THEBAULT plywood material , you are making sure that you are using a product that fulfils all the requirements of the most demanding standards in the relevant field of application

  • Environmental standards
  • CE marking for construction products
  • Quality marks specific to certain countries
  • Product regulations

All regulatory and technical documents are available online and can be easily downloaded. For any of the plywood products, you will find:

  • The technical data sheet including the product’s characteristics and its characteristic values
  • The Declaration of Performance (DOP)
  • The implementation notice and recommendations for use if available.
  • In-house laboratory

The laboratory, located on the Magné site (79), is carrying out various tests and analysis on the industrial activities of the production sites and contributes to the development of new products in complete synergy with the sales department.

  • Logistical organization

The internal logistic organisation of the THEBAULT Group allows us to react with flexibility and efficiency to orders combining different products and species. With 3 species and a complete range of plywood products for a wide scope of applications such as construction, internal fitting, furniture, the THEBAULT Group’s assortment helps optimizing loadings and the logistics chain as a whole.

  • Additional services

Wide range of sizes available

Standard sizes, large size or and handy size plywood for safe and easy handling at the work site

Cut to size

The Magné (79) production site is equipped with a cutting line of the last generation to further process standard panel into cut to size elements in small or large series

Machining Tongue & Groove 2 or 4 edges

Anti Fungus & Anti Termite treatments

WeatherScreen Finishing

Surface treatment temporarily waterepellent preventing the development of micro organisms. Yellow coloured to allow better identification in the warehouse and at the worksite

Plywoods for use in construction