Thebault group

Since its foundation in 1953, three generations have successively been at the head of the THEBAULT Group, bringing the family business to the position of French leader in plywood with a strong international standing and reputation.

Plywood manufacturer

 Plywood at the heart of our business

Plywood is a material consisting of veneers, or plies, of wood obtained by peeling Okoumé, Maritime Pine and Poplar logs. These sheets of wood are then arranged at right angle, glued and pressed to be assembled into plywood panels.

Plywood is used in many sectors

  • Building industry, construction of traditional and timber-frame houses
  • Industrial packaging
  • Marine industry
  • Industrial bodywork, utility vehicles
  • Interior fittings and decoration, and furniture manufacture.

The THEBAULT group markets plywood manufactured in France from Maritime Pine, Poplar and Okoume veneers. The by-products of the production process are recycled, which ensures a material profitability rate close to 95% for the industrial process.


Involved in its territories, the THEBAULT Group is both an industrial group and a family business. The THEBAULT Group is France’s leading manufacturer of plywood panels, accounting for almost 50% of national production, and is one of the top 5 European manufacturers.

Controlled origin

At THEBAULT we support sustainable forestry management policies and local initiatives aimed at implementi. Our wood supplies are thus sourced from sustainably-managed forests, guaranteed by the PEFC (Maritime Pine and Poplar) and FSC® (Okoumé veneers) certification schemes or conforming to a CFAD forestry programme (Okoumé veneers).

A family story