The plywood of your projects

Sometimes invisible but always marked CE Structure : THE PLYWOOD OF YOUR PROJECTS !
We offer you to discover some of your projects made from or TeboPin or TeboPly range of products.

The City of the wine civilization (Bordeaux - 33)

Currently under construction and with a completion date scheduled for 2016, the building has been designed in curves by XTU an architectural agency and rises between the land and the river in the district “des Bassins à Flots” in Bordeaux (FRANCE -33).
Dedicated to the discovery of the universe of wine, this unique building of 10 000 m2 will lodge permanent or temporary exhibition events and an auditorium of 250 seats located in a marvellous panoramic observation tower.

For this highly technical building project, 4000 m² of TEBOPIN plywood product have been cut to size. Every individual piece has been numbered so as to form a huge puzzle to cover the vaults and other curves of the construction.
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State Opera House Unter den Linden (Berlin - Allemagne)

During 2010 and 2013 renovation works took place at the opera house under the control of the German architect HG MERZ.
The roof of the building had to be lifted and the forestage had to be enlarged in order to improve the acoustics.
Additional works including extension and renovation permitted the construction of technical and administrative equipment’s .
TEBOPIN was used for the purpose of hidden concrete formwork.

Aquitaine Cap Métiers (Pessac - 33)

Officially opened in 2014 in Pessac, this new space was born from a partnership between the region and the local education authorities.
The objective of this educational institute is to train young people and adults and companies in the process of occupational reconversion. It is also a meeting point for craft unions. Built in accordance with the HQE label i.e. following the highest environmental quality standard, the building includes a dome covered with TeboPin.

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