Maritime Pine throughout Plywood

Areas of use
All Applications where the natural aesthetic of the wood is not very important and where the reverse side remains invisible. Construction works, concrete shuttering with no specific aspect requirements. Industrial packaging, hoardings, skeleton framing in upholstered furniture.

FacesII / III
Bondingclass 3
Serviceclass 3
Surface finishingsanded 1 side
Standard sizes2500 x 1250 mm,

2850 x 1250 mm (9 to 24 mm)

Thicknesses7 to 45 mm
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the Declaration
of Performance
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the datasheet

-  See the quality grade of the outerlayers

CE markingEcolabelsQuality marksEmission of volatile substances
Information on the emission level of volatile substances within the indoor air, showing a risk of toxicity in case of inhalation, based on a scale going from A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions)

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