Investment plan of 10 millions € Newsletter N°21 - Sept 2015

The THEBAULT Group remains constant in its strategy and has an investment plan of 10 millions € over the years 2015 and 2016.

The investments will concern all production sites mainly in France but also in Gabon.
The objective is to improve the competiveness of the Group by engaging very precise leverages :
- Intensification of the usage of local wood species such as Poplar and Maritime Pine ;
- Optimization of the utilization of the raw material by generating by-products with added value and modernization of the production techniques ;
- Adjunction of added value.

Electronic XY charger

New camera controlled XY chargers will be installed in our both premises of Sauzé - Vaussais and TRANSBOIS Gabon to allow optimization of the centering process of the logs prior to peeling.
The new investment fulfils a double economic and environmental target by improving the yield of raw material and reducing our ecological impact on the resource. This better positioning of the logs at the beginning of the peeling process is saving raw material and is less intensive in energy consumption.

Putty Line

2 new putty lines will be installed at the Sauzé-Vaussais and Solférino locations and will have a repair capacity of 50,000 m3 of plywood panels per annum.
This operation will generate an upgrading of the average product mix thus allowing an increased participation in the European construction market where strict normalisation and structural certification are required.

Priming line

A priming station will be installed at Magné with the objective to bring added value to Okoumé and Poplar plywood offered in a pre- painted version and sold under the brands TeboPrime Okoumé and TeboPoplar Prime.
By keeping costs, lead times and quality under control, sales volumes in these two product lines should grow significantly by the year ending 2016.

Densified brikette line

After having placed in service a first brikette line at the Solférino plant , Sauzé-Vaussais will be equipped with a similar installation. The overall capacity will double and reach 10 000 tonne per annum. These new volumes will permit a better response to the growing demand from the market place a segment where the THEBAULT GROUP has rapidly found its place.

Dryer and Thermo- oil biomass boiler

Solférino will be equipped with a new 30 metre long roller dryer expected to dry both Maritime pine and Poplar veneers coming from the peeling process. This investment will generate a yearly increase of 20 000 m3 in veneer equivalent and contribute to a substantial growth in the plywood made from local wood species.
The production site will start peeling poplar in the forthcoming months to meets the new requirements in this growing market. Poplar logs originate essentially from the nearby Adour and Garonne Valleys in France.

The new thermo- oil biomass boiler will be fed by by-products and will increase the installed energy capacity by 4 Megawatts so that the overall capacity will reach a total of 12 Megawatts. It will supply the necessary energy to the new boiler. With this new equipment the Solférino site will be in a similar situation as the other sites of the group and remain independent to satisfy its own heating needs.

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