Concept store "Noir gaazol"

Interior design of a mobile shop -

TeboPin Elite plywood has been selected by the architects Eva Gourdon and Chloé Leymarie to refurbish this funny ‘‘Noir Gaazol’’ truck.’’
Their owners have managed to move from dream to reality in redesigning seven square metres of useful space into a mobile shop for traveling on European roads. Every single square centimetre of the interior wall has been cut to size , profiled and mounted by “Fred Fabric” Workshops, in a spirit of optimization so as to convert it into an exhibition space as and when the vehicle stops.
TeboPin plywood has been selected because of its mechanical properties and its special appearance.
The result is the generation of a warm, aesthetic and very functional working place.


Owner :
Project manager :
Designer :
Plywood : TeboPin
Area : 7 m2
Budget : 35000 € HT

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