The barge board or vergeboard protects and covers the overhanging edges at the perimeter of the roof.

THEBAULT product recommendations :

    Okoume Plywood
    Pre-painted with a white primer
    Okoume Plywood
    Film faced with a white melamine film suitable for painting

And also...

  • TEBOPROFIL : Okoume Plywood, raw faces channel grooved one side
When used in the house building construction sector and other type of timber framed buildings these plywood panels must meet certain technical standards, and their installation must occur in accordance with Eurocodes, standard practice and follow the relevant health and safety regulations.
- For more information, please refer to the user’s guideline for the utilization of THEBAULT plywood as barge board. .
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-  To see all THEBAULT plywoods suitable for a specific application, see our User’s Guide.

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